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Manual Virtual Server To Access Remote Computers

Virtual Private Server-VPS is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers.

While on 1 server running Share Host can have hundreds of accounts running 1 at, but on the server run the VPS, then the numbers just by 1/10. Due to the fins, higher performance VPS Share Host numerous times.
Server rental service is a completely separate system, there is a separate operating system, have full rights to manage the root and can restart the system at any time. Therefore, the limited 100% VPS likely attacked local hack.
The server is a computer network, have static IP, have high processing capacity and on which machine to install the software for the computers (workstations) required to provide access to services and resources. So basically the server is also a computer, but are designed with superior features, storage capacity and data processing are also larger than normal computer a lot. Servers are typically used for the storage and processing needs of data in a computer or network on the internet environment. The server is the Foundation of all the services on the internet, any one of the services on the internet want to operate also must pass a certain server.
Usually, the server dedicated server, meaning that they do not perform any other duties besides their service duties. However, on most operating systems, a computer processor can handle several programs at once. A server, in this case, can the resource management program rather than a full computer.
If you do not know the function of a server, but you have ever heard of in the past, maybe you will think of the server as a mysterious PC made the incredible mission and in General is an open system.
On 1 server running many Host running Website Share together, shared server resources, if 1 Website DDoS, botnet attack is too strong will affect other websites on the same server, private server VPS, VPS account hacked then every other VPS accounts on the server are not affected.
VPS for medium-sized businesses and large Web sites or heavy source code, if run on Share Host will not meet the demand. However, the VPS will require the user to know more knowledge management such as server configuration, security ...
Remote access (remote-Access)
Or also known as virtual private dial Network (Virtual Private Dial-up Network) or VPDN, this is a User-to-Lan connection applies to the company that the employee needs to connect to a private network (private network) from remote locations and by different devices.
When a VPN is deployed, the staff just connecting to the Internet through the ISPs and using the VPN software client to access their company network. The company when using this connection type is the big studios with hundreds of commercial staff. The Remote Access VPN, make sure the connection is secure, encrypted between separate networks of companies with employees remotely via a third service provider.
There are two types of VPN remote access: 1. private use VPN 2. VPN user alone
Initiated by the (Client-Initiated)-remote users use software VPN client to establish a secure tunnel to a private network through an ISP.
Created by NAS (Network Access Server-initiated)-remote users dial into an ISP. NAS will establish a secure tunnel to a private network should connect.
With remote access VPN, mobile workers and employees work at home just to pay for local calls to connect to the ISP and connect to the company's private network, the organization. The VPN server devices may be the Cisco PIX Firewalls or Routers, VPN Concentrators, the client's VPN software or Cisco Routers.
Site-to-Site: by using a dedicated equipment and extensive security mechanisms, each company can create a connection with a lot of the site via a public network such as the Internet.
Virtual Server Rental service system access to a remote computer
We use Remote Desktop of Win XP or use free software from RealVNC VNC to access our remote system.
The fact will have these situations: you stay home and data files that you need on your computer back at the Office. Or you are in your home and you want to use her computer to access the web that does not want to leave the cookies and cache files. Can you see his love for you 1 of the workstation software that you are using in the agency that does not want to keep them going by or installed on other people's computers?
If you need remote access you use WinXP and everything that you need that is Remote Desktop. If you are not using Windows XP, then don't worry: RealVNC will give you 1 free solution called VNC (Virtual Network Computing).
In many cases, the computer on which the remote access you must have an Internet connection. The computer that you use (known as the client) can use the OS from Win 95 or above and you still need to have a Windows XP CD (Pro or Home). In contrast, if you use VNC to create a remote connection, then you can use any one of any OS from 95 upwards. Both Remote Desktop and VNC are in need of the